• Pretty Baby
    Directed by: Cassandra McGrogan
    Length: 11 minutes
    Country: United Kingdom
  • Life and Debt
    Directed by: Octavio Bezzera
    Length: 47 minutes
    Country: Brazil
  • Growing Up I & Growing Up II
    Directed by: Bruno Sorrentino
    Length: Growing Up I: 60 minutes / Growing Up II: 27 minutes
    Country: Brazil, China, Norway, Kenya, India, Latvia, the UK, South Africa, and the US
  • Born into Brothels
    Directed by: Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman (2003)
    Length: 82 minutes
    Country: Calcutta
  • Debe's Tantrum
    Directed by: John Marshall (1972)
    Length: 9 minutes
    Country: Namibia Botswana
  • Azzel
    Directred by: Guy L. Coté (1978)
    Length: 28 minutes, 9 seconds
    Country: Niger
  • Four Families
    Directred by: Fali Bilimoria, William Novik, John Buss, and Richard Gilbert
    Length: 58 min, 37 seconds
    Country: India, France, Japan and Canada
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